Avocat Waterfall

The North Coast of Trinidad is filled with many beautiful waterfalls. Rincon waterfallΒ Β and Paria waterfall are the most popular (check out my blog post on these beloved waterfalls), but for a first time hiker or someone now beginning a fitness journey, Avocat Waterfall with the rooftop balcony / jacuzzi is the place for you. This … Continue reading Avocat Waterfall

Book Review: The Eld Queen

The Eld Queen is the second book in the YaraStar Trilogy by Trinidadian author Jeanelle Frontin. Honestly, I could not wait to get my hands on this book πŸ˜€ After finishing the first book, The Unmarked GirlΒ  (check out my review on this book The Unmarked Girl by Jeanelle Frontin) I had so many questions … Continue reading Book Review: The Eld Queen

Mermaid Pools – It is worth the trip!

This is hands down one of my favorite hikes to do in Trinidad. I know I have said that on many occasions, but this is truly one of my top ten favorite spots to relax. Ohh how I wish I was heading there tomorrow! This is a perfect spot for an adventure on a nice … Continue reading Mermaid Pools – It is worth the trip!

Paria Bay and Waterfall in all its glory :)

I have been to Paria many many times before, but honestly that trip with the Hikers United Crew on March 9th was something extra special. At times, I find myself just going through the pictures and videos from that day and just reminiscing and smiling thinking about how much fun we had.Β  The weather was … Continue reading Paria Bay and Waterfall in all its glory πŸ™‚

The art of gathering – Book Review

Who knew that you can write a whole book about the art of gathering......whether it be meetings or events or limes or birthday parties and make it interesting? o_O Somehow, the author, Mrs Priya Parker... found a way to make this book both entertaining, engaging and informative all in one. I really do not know … Continue reading The art of gathering – Book Review

Turure Water Steps – One of my favorite spots in Trinidad

There is always that one place, that you can never get tired of visiting. Turure Water Steps, is that place for me ❀ Pronounced "Too - Roo - Ray", this series of limestone waterfall steps is located in Valencia and is considered one of the easy hikes in Trinidad. It is a perfect beginner's hike … Continue reading Turure Water Steps – One of my favorite spots in Trinidad

Norse Mythology in everyday life

I just completed the Roger Lancelyn Green book - Norse mythology. It was a light, enjoyable and entertaining read about the adventures of Odin (the All Father God), Loki (the trickster), Thor (Odin's son), the Giants and the Trolls and was set in Asgard (the home of the Gods and Goddesses), Midgard (the realm of … Continue reading Norse Mythology in everyday life

A waterfall in Diego Martin?

What is this beautiful waterfall doing hidden in the residential area of Blue Basins, Diego Martin? That was the first thought that passed through my mind when after work a couple of Fridays ago, I visited this hidden gem on the west coast of Trinidad ❀ The starting point for the hike to the waterfall … Continue reading A waterfall in Diego Martin?

How much time do you spend on your phone?

So, the other day I was listening to a You Tube post by Matt D'Avella where he talked aboutΒ  his experience after quitting social media for 30 days (a link to this video is below). As expected, he found that he had more time during the day and he was more productive and focused with … Continue reading How much time do you spend on your phone?

Argyle Waterfall…it is worth the trip

Without a doubt, Argyle waterfall is the most well known waterfall in Tobago. There are so many areas for you to discover, it is a real adventure visiting the various levels and relaxing at one of the mini waterfalls at each level. If you are making a trip to Tobago, it simply is a place … Continue reading Argyle Waterfall…it is worth the trip

When people say you’ve changed, say Thank You!

Recently, someone said something that stood out to me. She said "Celeste, you've changed." To me, this statement is both simple, yet profound. Has anyone ever told you that? Often times when someone says that to us, we take offense, we try to defend ourselves, we play the blame game and instead say "I have … Continue reading When people say you’ve changed, say Thank You!

Tobago’s Other Beaches

"I'm pleased to be chilling in the West Indies. Jah provide all my wants and needs....I got the sunshine, rivers and trees...green leaves." The lyrics above pretty much summarizes how I feel about growing up in the Caribbean <3. It was sung by Proteje featuring Chronixx and is entitled Who Knows (you can check out … Continue reading Tobago’s Other Beaches