Book Review: Golden Child by Claire Adam

How much are you willing to sacrifice to achieve your goals? That was the question that ran through my mind as I lay down to sleep. I had just completed the Golden Child by Claire Adam and I still, honestly was in a state of shock. I couldn’t believe how this story unfolded…..What a book! What a wonderfully written piece of art! What a tragic, twisted complex tale! 😯 😦 😧 😮

The Golden Child is an gripping emotional story set in rural Trinidad. It is a story of EXTREME SACRIFICE, hope, innocence, love, family, money and betrayal. This book will have you up at night reading way past your bed time, it will have you questioning yourself and your sanity 🤯 😳 At times I found myself asking…. what in the world will I do in this situation? What is the right move?  

The story is about about the Deyalsingh family 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦: Joy (the mother), Clyde (the dad) and the twin boys Paul (the odd one), Peter (the golden child) and their extended family. Peter is brilliant, sociable extremely smart and excels in school🧑 Paul has some sort of undiagnosed disability but sadly this is set in a time when people are not aware of these things and instead he is just labelled as the “odd / retarded” one 👦 However, through the pages of the book we get to see how kind, artistic and shy Paul is and that he is more misunderstood than anything else. I WANTED TO GIVE PAUL A HUG SO MANY TIMES! ❤️

This story will really rock you to your core, it will suck you in and spit you out. It was extremely well written and I honestly, haven’t read a book that quickly in quite some time. I made an extra effort to read every night, no matter what because I was thoroughly enjoying the story 🕙📔

My rating for this book is 5 / 5. Yes, it broke my heart, yes it will have you all in your feelings but it really was an enjoyable and memorable read, you won’t regret it. To believe this was Claire Adam’s first book.. .. she is a very talented author and I can’t wait to read another book from her!  😃 😄

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Much Love


10 thoughts on “Book Review: Golden Child by Claire Adam

    1. Thank you. It really was a good book. We bought it on a whim after seeing a short write up on it on an airline magazine. You will enjoy it. I think it was just too short but I enjoyed it even more because I live in Trinidad 🙂


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