Book Review: The Year in San Fernando by Michael Anthony

There is something special about a book that paints a lucid picture of a time long ago. I enjoy books that are somewhat like a historical storybook, a window into the past. I am Trinbagonian and I am familiar with the San Fernando of the 21st century, but this book gave me a glimpse into life in San Fernando in the 1940s . It was a very fun book to read, interesting and entertaining. Thank you to my cousin Shivonne for recommending this book 😀  📔  Rating 4.5/5

With the Author himself – Michael Anthony

The story is told from the perspective of Francis, this country boy from the coastal village of Mayaro who was now living in the city of San Fernando 🏗 🏭 🏢 What a change  in surroundings from a quiet coastal village ⛱ 🏖 to a busy city! He went from living in a very small home constantly surrounded by his family to living in a large house with an old lady. Everything was new and everything was an experience and it was entertaining how excitedly he spoke of these new adventures and situations ☺️ 🙂

So much happens in the coming months we get to see this young innocent boy grow up a little bit to a budding young man. His conversations begin to change, his way of seeing things and thinking about situations changes throughout the course of the book, he begins to find his voice and have his own opinion, he Grows UP 🧒 🧔

If you haven’t read this book as yet, I am sure that you will enjoy it. I do recommend it especially if you are a lover of descriptive Caribbean literature. What book are you reading these days? Have you read any Michael Anthony Books?

Much Love


5 thoughts on “Book Review: The Year in San Fernando by Michael Anthony

  1. 🙂 this post reminded me of my high school literature days here in Jamaica. We read The Pearl and Green Day’s by the River, two that are vivid in my mind. Currently I am reading a book called The Necessity of Prayer. I enjoyed this post, it inspires.

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    1. Thank you. Yes, thanks for reminding me about that book, I was trying to find it. Yes the Pearl and Green Days, we did that too….. You know there is a Green Days by the River movie 🙂


  2. I read this book sometime ago, over forty years ago. I think that it will be informative to reread it. From my recollection, it did not hold my interest. I think that now I will be more appreciative.

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    1. Yes, I understand fully, when I first read Green Days by the River by Michael Anthony for school, I found it okay but now I think if I reread that book, I will appreciate it even more especially the vivid descriptions of the various places back in that time.


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