The Unmarked Girl by Jeanelle Frontin

A good book, paints a picture so vividly in your mind that you begin to believe that you have visited that place before. The characters should be so real to you that you begin to see elements of yourself in them and in your friends. A good story, keeps the audience engaged, wanting more while dropping bits and pieces of information throughout the chapters that pull you in, intrigue you, carry you on a journey. This book, The Unmarked Girl by Jeanelle Frontin has all of these essential elements, and it is the reason why this book is just so so good. My rating 5/5 ❀

The Unmarked Girl is the first book in The YaraStar Trilogy. The story follows that of an unmarked Girl, YaraStar, as she tries to discover who she is? What is her purpose in life? Where does she fit in in the world? o_O In Mira, where she grows up, markings on your skin are very important as they tell the story of your birth, the story of your ancestors, your heritage, without them you struggle to find your identity and destiny. Have you ever been there in your life? Trying to find out what your purpose is? Feeling like you just don’t fit in? Trying to do everything in your power to fit in but still just standing out? I have and this is one of the reasons I found the character of Yara to be so endearing, because I saw so much of me in her πŸ™‚


This fantasy book takes you through Yara’s ups and her downs, her highs and her lows. There are elements of love and betrayal, acceptance and rejection, happiness and pain all interwoven in the story line 😎 It is a compelling, entertaining story and by the end of the first chapter you are already invested in the story of Yara and you eagerly follow her journey through Mira as she tries to find out where she came from and why she has no birth markings.

This is the first of three books and I cannot wait to see what happens next! If you are into fantasy and adventure stories, this is just the book for you! πŸ˜‰

WARNING: This is the type of book that you pick up to read two chapters for the night before bed, and end up six chapters later, engrossed in the story of Yara.. ………….trying to answer the question

“YaraStar….. do you know who you are?”

This first book is available on Amazon for US$9.99 (paperback), US$4.99 (Kindle) and at RIK Bookstores throughout Trinidad and Tobago at a cost of TT $112.50. The second book in the trilogy, The Eld Queen is also available on Amazon at a cost of US$11.99 (paperback), US$5.99 (Kindle) and RIK Bookstores for TT$140.00

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6 thoughts on “The Unmarked Girl by Jeanelle Frontin

  1. Fantasy isn’t a genre that I have read much of but I like a good story and this one sounds great. I love the themes that you mentioned and I like the fact that you found it to be so captivating. Will take a closer look at this one. Great review!

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