Get yourself a hobby!!!

Sit down and think for a moment, ask yourself this question:

Is there anything that you do just for you? 😕

Do you have any hobbies? Is there anything that you enjoy doing, it relaxes you, it stimulates you and when you are doing it you don’t even seem to notice the time passing by? If not, then maybe it is time to get yourself a hobby 😀


Hobbies can be defined as an activity that a person does for pleasure. A leisure activity, something you do in your free time that is not work.

Your hobby is not set in stone, it can change. It doesn’t matter if in 2018 your hobby was photography and in 2019 you take up hiking and midway through 2019 you decide you want to become a professional Macarena dancer 😛 It is up to you… choose 🙂

Hiking could take you to some truly beautiful places. Location: Pichon Cove, Trinidad

So what are some of the benefits of having hobbies? ❤

Relaxes you, reduces stress. It should be something different from what you do at work everyday. For example, if your job includes sitting at a desk and typing for several hours a day then maybe you could get a hobby that is more active such as jogging, hiking, or walking.

Help you discover a new talent. How would you ever know that you are the world’s best cello player if you never try it first? Trying new hobbies will allow you to discover new things about yourself and help you uncover some hidden talents.

Encourages you to break from routine. Do you feel that all you do, day after to day is get up, go to work, come home, sleep, go to work again…… having a hobby will help you break out of this monotonous boring routine and help add some flavor to your days.

Helps develop a new skill. For example, if you decide to join a sign-language class or a karate class you will be able to develop a new skill-set.

May have health benefits. We all know the health benefits gained from doing yoga or any form of exercise, maybe you could consider finding a hobby along these lines, once it is a fun and enjoyable experience for you.

Expand your social network. According to the hobby you choose, you may have the opportunity to interact with a new group of persons outside of your current crop of friends, family members or coworkers. For example if you join a dance class or a spin class you can make some new friends 🙂

Takes you out of your comfort zone. Do you just play it safe all the time? Are you afraid of trying something new?  Having a hobby allows you to try something new without the stress of it being for job or to be judged in a competition. You can go to that Salsa Class just because you always wanted to learn how to do Salsa Dancing.

May provide extra income. Sometimes your hobby can become a source of additional income for you for example, if you take up photography as a hobby, one day you can be taking pictures at weddings or other events as a part time job!

Gives you a sense of purpose and fulfillment. For example, if you decide to take up knitting as a hobby. You may find great joy when you complete a project and start a new one.

Photography is one of my hobbies. This pic was taken in Manzanilla, Trinidad

There are many benefits to be derived from having a hobby 8-). Your hobby does not need to be conventional either like reading, baking or dancing. Here are some of the strangest hobbies that I have heard about, just in case you are interested in thinking outside of the box 🙂

  • Tape designing
  • Competitive Dog Grooming
  • Soap Carving
  • Milk Bottle Collecting
  • Extreme Ironing (people ironing while on top of mountains, while parachuting and while crossing rivers o_O )

If you don’t have and hobbies, maybe 2019 is time to make a change and to do something just for you!

Much Love



3 thoughts on “Get yourself a hobby!!!

  1. One of my favorite hobbies is backpacking, hiking and camping. I love walking for days in the back county with only what I need in my backpack. I have as much fun figuring out what gear works and doesn’t work as I do actually using it to camp with. 😁

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